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Our Name


Donkey Beach

While visiting st. lucia in 2016, we were told of a secluded beach on the northwest coast of the island. we jumped in our car and followed the limited directions that were shared with us and a few (hard to find) signs. the road we took to get to the beach was completely eroded and surrounded by trees. at one point our car was sideways in order to avoid the large holes in the road.

we weren't even sure we were going the right way, but we couldn't turn around because the road was so narrow. we kept going forward, not knowing if we were going to reach paradise or the edge of a cliff.

then we saw it - the trees surrounding the road opened up to the most beautiful, peaceful and well-deserved beach.

we grabbed our stuff and started walking on a trail right off the beach. we came to a clearing that led us to this special place - donkey beach. it was paradise!

inspiration (8).png

the pitons

the pitons are two volcanic mountains in Saint Lucia.

during our visit we fell in love with the beauty of these mountains. from our drive to the south end of the island they looked like perfect triangles next to the endless ocean, towering over the town below.

the triangle decals on our sunglasses were inspired by the pitons.


the rozzie

our collection of Rozzie sunglasses are named after jamie’s mom - roslyn. SHE loves fashion and has impeccable style. we named the sunglasses after her nickname from childhood.

read more about how we’re inspired by the original rozzie on our blog.


our branding and logo design was done by the fabulous Rebecca Hume