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pink rozzie sunglasses

The Rozzie sunglasses are the perfect pair of shades for any activity, whether rolling deep with a fashion-forward crew to a music festival or catching sun in the great outdoors. No matter where you are, these sunglasses provide the protection and style to keep you looking fresh and feeling functional. 10/10 would recommend!
-San Francisco, CA

I love the Rozzie sunglasses! These are the coolest sunglasses ever...fun, glamorous, great glass, comfortable, lightweight. I especially love my pink pair. Everyone looks so hot in these fantastically unique sunglasses. Thanks Donkey Beach for delivering so much fun, style and function right to my door.
-Amelia Island, FL

I recently purchased my first pair of The Rozzie in preparation for a fun once in a lifetime trip out west. I know that sunglasses aren’t just important to pack for those warm beach vacations, they’re also vital when hitting the slopes or out in the elements of the snow. As someone who’s been sunburned out skiing or laying on a lake on a grey-cloudy day, I know that UV rays can be more powerful in snowy conditions and reflective properties of snow and water – and protecting my eyes to sunlight-related damage is important. And what better way to do this, than with a statement piece of eye wear! Wearing a good pair of sunglasses is just as important to applying sun lotion to me.

It was important that my lenses be polarized, and I could tell immediately when we were hiking the famous Angel’s Landing hike in Zion that the Rozzies were the best choice!

I love the unique design of the frame and it added to the fun-element of our adventure. My spirit lifted immediately after putting them on. As someone who tends to opt towards traditional, the Rozzie added flare to my experience and I felt good knowing I had quality lenses protecting my eyes. I highly recommend the Rozzie for those interested in a fashionable, quality, and a fun pair of shades!
-Waltham, MA



heavily meditated muscle top

I love my “heavily meditated” tee shirt. The fabric is incredibly soft and everyone smiles when they see me coming! Thanks Donkey Beach for delivering so much fun, style and function right to my door.
-Fernandina Beach, FL




I absolutely love them all. I only wish you guys the best and only more success. Your message is timeless and needed now more than ever. Everyone needs  to learn how to look inside themselves. Your clothing sparks the consciousness of everyone that reads the message.
-Boynton Beach, FL

surfboard heart performance tee

Jamie and Mike hit all the right notes here. I just recently purchased multiple shirts from DBG and they are all durable, soft clothing that work for all seasons. Jamie fuses her fun personality with her creative eye for fashion. We're huge fans of her designs. I'd get in on their original line of clothes & sunglasses now before it goes!
-Boston, MA